Monday 16 June 2008

A Princely Death

I can tell you - and I'm fairly certain this is a bona fide Reno exclusive - that Will Oldham's favourite songs about death include Ebony Eyes by the Everly Brothers and Jim, I Wore A Tie Today, written by Cindy Walker and recorded by a whole host of estimable folk. His favourite version is by the Highwaymen. Very nice choices, I'm sure you'll agree. I like the mix of sentiment and practicality.

Will recently released a new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy record, containing this typically idiosyncratic piece of mortal musing, where his drunken dawg tones are sweetened by those of Ashley Webber. It's called You Want That Picture. It's sweet and fine, but it's not as good as Ebony Eyes. But then, few things are or ever will be.

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