Thursday 24 June 2010

Art & Acorns

“It’s not incidental that No Ghost was recorded in a cottage in the back of beyond in Quebec, the kind of place where phone signals peter out into static. On occasion the songs here are almost hypnotically hushed. At other times they’re both louder and more unhinged than ever before. There’s always been muscle in The Acorn’s music, now it’s simply more pronounced.” My Uncut review of The Acorn’s No Ghost is now online.

Also, a ton of my film, music and TV reviews can be viewed over at theartsdesk.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Steady As She Goes

Glancing up from a Dickensian pile of work so tall and precarious it's threatening at any moment to topple down to the ground like one of those over-sized pub Jenga games that used to be all the rage, I note with a moderate degree of interest that my Uncut review of the new(ish) Hold Steady album, Heaven is Whenever, is now online. That is all.