Thursday 27 May 2010

Thorny Questions

"Tracey Thorn’s new solo album, Love And Its Opposite, is a quietly extraordinary record, eschewing the fireworks of grand passion to explore the niggles and neuroses bubbling below the surface of many long-term relationships." I talk to Thorn about her ace new album here.

I also recently caught up with Sandi Thom, who’s gone from much-maligned internet ‘sensation’ to gnarled Blues warbler. Odd. More here.

Friday 7 May 2010

There’s some wonderful YouTube footage of Kris Kristofferson receiving a gong at the 1970 Country Music Association awards. He lopes on stage with his hair covering his shoulders and his trousers hanging from his hips, scratching his head and grinning at an audience of bow-ties and comb-overs who gasp and giggle at this upstart hippie freak. He’s monosyllabic, but the message to the Nashville establishment is clear: welcome to the future. We’re going to start doing things a little differently around here.

On today of all days, it feels comforting to be in the company of an old leftie firebrand. I talk to Kris Kristofferson for the Guardian here.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Simon Says, Hold Tight

A couple of pieces appearing in the Herald this week. One an interview with Craig Finn of the mighty Hold Steady, who have got themselves back on course with Heaven Is Whenever; and another with Harper Simon, son of Paul, who has made one of the year-to-date’s most elegant and engaging albums.

Sunday 2 May 2010

Coco, Without Pops

You can’t fault her dedication. A couple of years ago Sumner, who performs as I Blame Coco, posted a song on YouTube called "My Name Is A Stain", in which she sang: ‘Forget my dad, you need to hear my band!’ It now embarrasses her slightly – “I don’t regret it because it records a moment of time, I just don’t listen to it” – but she stands by the message.

I speak to Sting jr. here