Friday, 3 April 2009

Brought to Book

Ryan Adams is publishing a book. This may or may not be exciting news, but I’ve written a piece about his literary ambitions – and three other prominent musicians-turned-authors – in today’s Guardian. You can read my thoughts, and those of Adams, Nick Cave, Steve Earle and Billy Bragg – here.

This blog has been rather quiet lately, a combination of a Sisyphean work load (I live beneath the constant shadow of a tower of unwritten words) and the fact that, 9 months after US publication and over 6 months after UK publication, the momentum around I Shot a Man in Reno is inevitably winding down. That’s fine, and to be expected, and I’ve got two other major writing projects to keep me busy. I'm very proud of the book and how it has been received in both Britain and the States.

I am going to continue with this blog, although I think from now on its brief will be a little wider, covering all sorts of topics and also flagging up most of my day-to-day writing. Of course, the contents of Reno will always be of particular interest to me, and I will continue to post any relevant, interesting news on that topic. Just more other stuff, too.

I hope you all stick around.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed the authors piece - interesting. though i'd be interested to know if any of your readers have read nick cave's the ass and the angel - i couldn't get past pge 50! terrible stuff.


MarissaRed said...


Try again. 'And The Ass Saw The Angel' is a bloody awesome piece of work.


Steve said...

Loved And The Ass Saw The Angel - looking forward to the new one.