Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rue Morgue Fever

Someone calling herself - rather brilliantly - Liisa Ladouceur has reviewed I Shot a Man in Reno over at Rue Morgue Radio (a new one on me, I must confess). You can listen to her call the book "quite perfect.... highly literate" and graciously forgive me for my lack of metal coverage here. It's about 30 minutes in, and lasts about 10 minutes.

Also, I have contributed a whole stack of stuff to the Guardian/Observer's "1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear" series, which started yesterday and is running all this week until Friday 20th March. Inevitably, it's as infuriating and flawed as these kind of things always are, but there's some good writing on display, some interesting interviews from a whole raft of musicians, some fine tunes (and links to Spotify so you can hear them all), and you can make your points, favourable or otherwise, on the blog site. Catch up with it all here.

Finally, I review the chilly but impressive Fever Ray album here, for the Observer.

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