Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Suede Head

"The former Suede singer is clearly a very different man from the one who burst onto the indie scene in 1992, singing of chemically-fuelled sex in council houses and admitting that he wanted to “make his mark on pop history”. Ask him now what he hopes to achieve with his new solo record, Slow Attack, and he replies, “Absolutely nothing. I don’t have the same sets of goals I once had.” This much is clear from his music."

I talk to Brett Anderson here.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. I lost track of Brett after his first solo album, but I've heard 'slow attack' and it's very good indeed. LOve all that wintery, woodlands vibe. I'm not sure his voice suits it though, I can see him making instrumental music one day.


Anonymous said...

Seems less of an insufferable arse than he used to be - i suppose the fact that nopbody buys your records anymore must be a humbling experience!

Easy, Lloyd