Thursday, 9 July 2009


The most important thing to say is that I can never look at Graham Nash without thinking of Eric Idle in Life of Brian. He's got that same rather stunned expression, glazed and a little deranged. I like it a lot.
I liked Nash a lot, too, when I spoke to him for this interview. I have a soft spot for old troupers who have stuck to their pot-addled, hopelessly idealistic, straightoutta Laurel Canyon beliefs for nigh on forty years; who keep banging away - from their hippie idyll in Hawaii - at the old saw that everything would be, you know, just fine, if we could all just [cue long, loud suck on huge bifter], you know, love each other a bit more. God bless 'em.
CS&N are playing Edinburgh Castle on Saturday night. Wonder if they'll play this little beauty?

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Anonymous said...

Good interview! I'm going to see them tonight, should be great, i hear theyre playing loads of covers from the new rick rubin project.