Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Crowd Pleasing: The Cash Way

There's a new, big-as-a-house, 2-CD and DVD edition of Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison coming out later this month. Listening to it again, it's amazing how many of the songs are about death; it's a tough sell on Death Row, but there's something brave and rather touching about Cash's refusal to shirk the realities of why most of the men in the audience are stuck in prison - as well as his insistence on dwelling upon the fate that awaits them. His refusal to spin fairytales or resort to platitudes is partly what gains him so much audible respect from his audience. When he's not rumbling about murder, faith and retribution, Cash's Folsom songs tend to be about dogs, drugs and trains. What more could you want?

Anyway. Here's a cracking little death medley from the great man: "The Wall"/"Long Black Veil"/"Green Green Grass of Home."

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