Saturday, 6 December 2008

Weekend Round Up

A few loose ends to tie up this sub-zero Saturday night.

A somewhat garbled account of a phone interview I undertook last week appeared in today's Edinburgh Evening News, and can be read here. Just to clear up a few of the writer's inaccuracies: the U2 gig was in 1987; I was not playing the Capital's music circuit aged 14 (I was singing in a garage band in Bristol at the time, and very bad they were too); and I have never had "a career" in music - nor in anything else, come to think of it. Still, a welcome pre-Xmas page of exposure for the book.

A review of Reno has appeared in the Austin Chronicle, describing the book as "an engaging and celebratory dance with death.... tackled with reverence and passion." None of which dents one little bit my enormous affection for Austin, one of my all-time favourite places.

Finally, I'm blogging about False Messiahs over at the Guardian. The list is restricted to Ten otherwise, this being rock and roll, it could run and run. Feel free to add your thoughts on why Bono isn't - or is? - God. Think on.

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Jenny said...

Number one fasle messiah must be Eric Clapton, aka God!