Monday, 3 November 2008

Private Ryan

There was a time I loved Ryan Adams very much and wasn’t afraid to admit it. Now I feel I have to justify and qualify my admiration for him (which is all it is, really, these days) which is a shame. His new album Cardinology isn’t much to shout about, though there are some highlights, but I still feel he's a rare talent.

Moreover, I like him. I’ve interviewed him a number of times and have always found him polite, thoughtful, engaged and really rather sweet. You can read my latest encounter with the rather subdued but clean and sober singer here, as it appeared in last weekend’s Sunday Herald magazine. He’s touring the UK in the next few weeks and I for one shall be trotting dutifully along to the Edinburgh show. Until then, here’s a reminder of how good he can be (and, keeping this blog vaguely on topic, how good he is at capturing the delayed shock of loss and the pain of absence):

Finally, Paste's fine review of I Shot a Man in Reno has finally made it into the digital realm. You can read it here.

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