Sunday, 26 October 2008


Back from a week’s well-earned holiday and straight into a little blog curatorship:

A special CD booklet-sized edition of I Shot a Man in Reno is included in Volume 6 of Powell’s fab Indiespensable series, which also includes a CD of death songs and Iain Banks’ brilliant novel The Crow Road. The booklet really is a very lovely little artefact, featuring the 40 Greatest Death Songs chapter from the book with a new introduction from me. More info here

I interviewed Lucinda Williams last week, another writer I wanted to talk with for Reno. She chatted a little about the songs she wrote for her West album after her mother died, particularly "Mama You Sweet" and "Fancy Funeral", both of which are discussed in the book. She said at the time she “had a lot of stuff to deal with and get out of my system. It was like there was this great space and all this stuff was coming out to fill it. In the end it was a real release.” Here’s a reminder of, or perhaps an introduction to, the amazing, visceral and painful "Mama You Sweet."

Last, and somewhat off-message, I wrote a big piece for the Guardian last week on the Replacements, which you can read here. And also a bunch of reviews for the Observer, including some choice words on the subject of the highly recommended new album by Peter Broderick, called Home. They can all be found by clicking the Observer link on the right hand side.

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last year's girl said...

Replacements interview was fantastic - more quality journalism like this from the Guardian, please!