Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Waits & Measures

Dastardly computer problems have been keeping me quiet lately, but I'm resurfacing to gloat. It's slightly off-topic (OK, completely off topic, though he did play Dirt In The Ground, which I talk about briefly in Reno), but I went to see Tom Waits on Sunday night, and I'm still not quite past the bragging-about-it-in-public stage.

I was asked to write down my thoughts for The Word website, and you can read them here. The fabulous setlist is here, courtesy of the Eyeball Kid. It was quite a night.


Paul said...

Lucky old you, Graeme!

last year's girl said...

And what a show it was!

Been following the blog for a while now - didn't realise you were in Scotland?!

Graeme Thomson said...

Paul - that's what everyone keeps saying!

Hi lyg,
Yes, I'm in Edinburgh. Had a quick shufty round your blog, from which I deduced you're in Glasgow... old Tom was a fine sight, wasn't he?